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Contextualising the NICE/NIST Framework


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International best practice on cyber technical and profession standards has been central to the development of cyber security as a profession. Currently it is seen as a Computing discipline and thus governed from a Professional Standards perspective by the Australian Computer Society, this has allowed Australia to establish a baseline of knowledge and skills criteria which represent the minimum expectations of cyber security technicians and professionals.

Professional Standards in Cyber Security involve assertions that a standard is vendor neutral and independent, they establish the minimum professional standard of competence and built around a complete requirement for full professional formation. This is also dependent on the maintenance of competence through continuing professional development and supported by a disciplinary code with a process for public complaint and sanctions. Without Professional Standards we cannot ensure good governance, duty of care, validation and verification of results.

Historically, Australia has drawn on many international workplace cyber security standards including:

  • The United States Department of Defense Information Assurance Workforce Improvement Program
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology, US Department of Commerce
  • National Initiative for Cyber Security Education, Workforce Framework
  • US Department of Labor sponsored industry Cybersecurity Competency Model

This webinar looks at how NIST/ NICE standards have been drawn on in Australian professional standards and curriculum models to aid with recruitment, skilling and other workplace cyber security issues.

Jill Slay


Jill is the University of South Australia SmartSat Professorial Chair in Cybersecurity and leads the SmartSat Cybersecurity and Resilience Theme. She has an international research reputation in cyber security. Jill was in 2017-2019 Director of Cyber Resilience Initiatives for the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and led Federal Government work on the development of Professional Standards in Cyber Security. She has published widely and supervised >20 PhDs cyber security. She is a Member of the Order of Australia (AM), and a Fellow of ISC2 for her service in information security.


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i think this is on at the same time as the following webinar.


AISA Webinar: National security reform update - Changes to Critical Infrastructure?


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