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5 reasons you should no longer ignore a Cyber Security Strategy

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5 reasons you should no longer ignore a Cyber Security Strategy

Register at https://opc.com.au/free-cyber-security-webinar


Aimed at business leaders within Australian SMB’s, this non-technical webinar provides practical information and advice on how to protect your business against a cyber attack.

In Australia, a cyber attack happens every 10 minutes*, with 87% of small and medium businesses believing they are safe with antivirus software alone, no Australian business can afford to miss our one hour cyber security webinar.

What you will learn

  • Latest cyber security practices
  • Emerging cyber threats and the new cyber criminal
  • The impact of the pandemic on cyber security and the effect on Australian businesses
  • Understand your risk of exposure to a cyber attack
  • How to recover from an attack
  • Why every Australian business must invest in managed cyber security

Why you need to attend this webinar
COVID-19 has accelerated remote working and most businesses have had to adapt to this working model even if it was unfamiliar.  Remote working brings an increased risk of identity theft and corporate attack. Cybercriminals can mine for employees' identities through:

  • Phishing scams
  • Password credential theft
  • Other advanced tactics

Cybercriminals can enter the network under the guise of a legitimate login and then wreak havoc. There has been substantial growth in ransomware, fake apps and targeted phishing scams with over 2000 security incidents in Australia in 2020.

  • During the 12months from July 2019 the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) responded to 2,266 cyber security incidents
  • Cybercrime is one of the most pervasive threats facing Australia and the most significant threat in terms of overall volume and impact to individuals and businesses
  • The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) Targeting Scams 2019 report, identified Australians lost over $634 million to scams

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