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What Engineers Should Know About Cyber-attacks and Defence in Organisations


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What Engineers Should Know About Cyber-attacks and Defence in Organisations

An Engineering Education Australia webinar:

The cyber-threat landscape has shifted in recent years, with increasingly organised and sophisticated threat actors (attackers) recruiting technology experts into purpose-built teams. These teams are then deploying military-grade cyber weaponry against Australian organisations.

Threat actors deny organisations access to their own information technology services, and steal sensitive information including intellectual property, trade secrets, engineering blueprints and customer data.

Although cybersecurity has become the subject of much practice and research, the focus of organisations has traditionally been on identifying and mitigating technology vulnerabilities and less on organisational strategy. 

This webinar presents a case study of a large-scale organisation that successfully defended itself from advanced and persistent cyber-attacks over a period of years. The webinar presents the organisation’s prevention strategy and details how its cybersecurity teams respond to cyber-attacks. 

Understanding the broad context of cyber-attacks and defence is critical for all professionals, however particularly valuable to engineers working in critical infrastructure sectors.

This webinar is the first in a series delivered in partnership with the University of Melbourne aimed to improve knowledge and capability of engineers in securing and protecting organisational data and intellectual property.

This webinar is delivered in partnership with the University of Melbourne.

Learning outcomes

  • Describe and critically reflect on cyber-attacks and defence in the context of contemporary organisations
  • Critically analyse the role and utility of cybersecurity incident response in protecting information assets in organisations
  • Critically analyse organisational response to cyber-attacks from the integrated perspective of people, process and technology
  • Identify key people, process and technology barriers to effective incident response to cyber attacks

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