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Webinar - Space systems security and resilience


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Space systems security and resilience
Speaker: Jordan Plotnek - Lead Partner Critical Infrastructure, Anchoram Consulting
Date: 23 June 2022
Time: 12:00pm to 1:00pm AEST

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About the event
This presentation will discuss the contemporary space security context and provide an overview of recently published findings from a survey of twenty-four space security experts from seven countries. This includes an examination of space systems as critical infrastructure, definitions and models for space systems security and resilience, the space threat landscape (including cyber, electronic, and physical threats), notable past security events, and future security challenges in space.

Space infrastructure provides vital services for a number of critical industries, including; defence, transportation, energy, utilities, emergency services, banking, environment, academia, and others. These services range from global communications to remote sensing and geolocation, with many new applications undoubtedly on the horizon, including plans for further exploration and even human settlement. It is therefore essential that space technologies are protected from unwanted interferences – a task that is becoming more challenging by the day. Adding to the already complex space security environment, a second space race has kicked off and is seeing the rapid deployment of space systems containing a vast array of new technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced onboard processing. This is subsequently introducing new vulnerabilities to an already aged and vulnerable satellite ecosystem, hence increasing the risk of potentially catastrophic security events.

About the speaker
Jordan Plotnek received a Bachelor of Engineering with first class Honours in telecommunication and networking from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia in 2013. He has since held various technical, research, and management positions for both public and private organisations around the world; including leading the first Australian Air Force cyber deployment to the Middle East in 2015-16 and as the senior security architect for the OneSKY Civil-Military Air Traffic Control System in 2017-18. Jordan is currently a Ph.D. candidate in space systems resilience at the University of South Australia, a research scholar at SmartSat CRC, and the Co-Founder and Lead Partner for Critical Infrastructure at Anchoram Consulting.


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