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Webinar - Aligning your operational technology strategy with your digital strategy


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Aligning your operational technology strategy with your digital strategy

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The presentation will explain what an operational technology (OT) strategy looks like. This will include the components associated with asset programs, technology programs and cyber security programs.

The perspectives of an operational technology strategy for various roles across the business – including the cyber security team and executive leader – are explored.

The presentation will take the audience through a discussion of answers to a series of questions designed to build up the understanding of:

an operational technology strategy
an organisation's digital strategy
the foundations and transformations necessary for their alignment (with particular attention to OT cyber security foundations)
Further information
A typical question of senior management when they are presented with an OT question is, "How does this align with our Digital Strategy?" This presentation will paint a clear picture of an OT strategy that is aligned with an organisation's digital strategy, including the crucial part that OT cyber security will play in supporting innovation and new business models.

About the speaker
Sean Murdoch FIEAust CPEng NER (Head of OT Advisory, Secolve)

Sean Murdoch is an Operational Technology (Industrial Control Systems / SCADA) executive, assisting clients in bridging the gap between OT and Cyber Security to secure Australia's critical infrastructure.

Sean is the Head of OT Advisory at Secolve, Australia’s next generation OT specialist cyber security firm, working with key industries to protect Australia's critical infrastructure. Sean's cybersecurity role is bolstered by his experience in the management of OT functions of large critical infrastructure providers, and in managing teams, programs and projects incorporating design and engineering services, operations and maintenance services, business development, consulting services, and life cycle support services. Sean has over 30 years of experience across multiple heavy industries including electricity distribution, water and wastewater, mining and minerals processing, electricity generation, oil and gas, and steel. Sean holds an engineering degree and two master’s degrees in business. Sean is a Chartered and Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland in Electrical, Information / Telecommunications / Electronics, and Leadership and Management, is a Registered Professional Engineer of Victoria in Electrical, and is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineers Australia.


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