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Papers for consultation


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Cyber Engineering Area of Practice Career Development Roadmap and Competency Framework 

Papers for consultation


1.    Following the agreement by the Chief Engineer of Engineers Australia to establish cyber engineering as an Area of Practice in September 2022, the Cyber Engineering Working Group, which supports the Cyber Engineering Community of Practice, has been developing a range of documents which are intended to provide the basis for a Career Development Roadmap and Competency Framework. The career development roadmap and competency framework will cover the categories of Professional Engineers, Technologists and Associates. 

2.    Given the different nature of work likely to be undertaken by each category, the approach taken to the work is to describe each category separately starting with Professional Engineers, then Technologists then Associates.  The Working Group is now seeking members’ views on the documents prepared to date for Professional Engineers to help inform further work.

3.    The documents that we are seeking feedback on are:

  • a.    A Draft Assessment Guide for the various career stages – Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3. This document identifies the accredited programs that are considered to provide suitable foundation knowledge and skills for engineers to commence practice in the field working under direction to apply cyber engineering principles and attain additional experience, training, and education to obtain recognition as a certified practicing engineer. The document also identifies accredited engineering programs where additional foundation knowledge and skills are likely to be required and potential alternative pathways to start practicing as a cyber engineer.
  • b.    A Describe Your Field of Engineering Practice (DYFoEP) for Cyber Engineering. This document describes the competencies, foundation knowledge and skills specific to cyber engineering that would need to be met to be recognised as a Certified Practicing Cyber Engineer. It elaborates on the sixteen engineering competencies required to meet the Stage 2 Certified Practicing Engineering assessment.
  • c.    A work role mapping intended to identify typical work roles undertaken by professional cyber engineers and a notional career pathway. 
    • Graduate (this recognises that engineers will most likely commence their careers working in the domain of their accredited degrees and supplement their skills and knowledge through further training and experience with cyber certifications, micro credentials or other education and training. 
    • Practicing under guidance
    • Independent Practitioner (CPEng Stage2)
    • Senior/Expert Practitioner
    • Senior Manager
    • Executive Manager (EngExec Stage3)

4.    Feedback from members on all documents or individual documents is sought. This feedback can be provided by  completing the survey for each of the documents by following the links below.

Please note that you will need to be logged in to this community to access the documents.

Cyber Engineering Area of Practice Assessment Guide for Career Stages

Document Cyber Engineering Area of Practice Assessment Guide for Career Stages.pdf  > Survey closed

Describe Your Field of Engineering Practice (DYFoEP) for Cyber Engineering

Document > Describe Your Field of Engineering Practice.pdf  > Survey closed

Cyber Work Roles Mapping

Document > Cyber Work Roles Mapping.xlsx  > Survey closed


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