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    ACSC Challenges, Lessons Learned and Cyber Security Advice for Australian Businesses by Karl Hanmore What are the major lessons that ACSC has learned over its journey to building the Australian Government's public facing cyber centre of excellence? What challenges are you anticipating to occur in the next 5 years? What areas should Australian businesses be investing into cyber security to protect themselves (technology, people, MSSPs)? About the speaker Mr Karl Hanmore was appointed to the role of First Assistant Director-General Cyber Security Services (CSS)
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    Cyber-physical System Assurance via Systems Engineering Based Regulation Presented by Mark van Zomeren Description: Using three hypothetical cases, which bear similarities to recent real-world cases, issues relating to the downside of cyber-physical systems are examined. Systems engineering principles and potential regulatory mechanisms are then considered, to determine if their application may have the potential to reduce or eliminate these issues. While these hypothetical cases do resemble real world events from over the past decade, there will be no in-depth anal
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