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    Register for this event HERE International best practice on cyber technical and profession standards has been central to the development of cyber security as a profession. Currently it is seen as a Computing discipline and thus governed from a Professional Standards perspective by the Australian Computer Society, this has allowed Australia to establish a baseline of knowledge and skills criteria which represent the minimum expectations of cyber security technicians and professionals. Professional Standards in Cyber Security involve assertions that a standard is vendor neutral and independent, they establish the minimum professional standard of competence and built around a complete requirement for full professional formation. This is also dependent on the maintenance of competence through continuing professional development and supported by a disciplinary code with a process for public complaint and sanctions. Without Professional Standards we cannot ensure good governance, duty of care, validation and verification of results. Historically, Australia has drawn on many international workplace cyber security standards including: The United States Department of Defense Information Assurance Workforce Improvement Program National Institute of Standards and Technology, US Department of Commerce National Initiative for Cyber Security Education, Workforce Framework US Department of Labor sponsored industry Cybersecurity Competency Model This webinar looks at how NIST/ NICE standards have been drawn on in Australian professional standards and curriculum models to aid with recruitment, skilling and other workplace cyber security issues. Jill Slay Jill is the University of South Australia SmartSat Professorial Chair in Cybersecurity and leads the SmartSat Cybersecurity and Resilience Theme. She has an international research reputation in cyber security. Jill was in 2017-2019 Director of Cyber Resilience Initiatives for the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and led Federal Government work on the development of Professional Standards in Cyber Security. She has published widely and supervised >20 PhDs cyber security. She is a Member of the Order of Australia (AM), and a Fellow of ISC2 for her service in information security.
  2. Start Time: 6:00PM AEDT. Today's advanced threats from cyber criminals and state-backed organizations have undermined large utilities and critical infrastructures around the world. https://www.engineersaustralia.org.au/event/2021/02/cyber-security-and-critical-infrastructure-35626
  3. Australia's first national cyber security digital ecosystem ‘AUCyberscape’ is now available AUCyberscape is Australia’s first consolidated online destination for understanding Australia’s cyber security capabilities. The platform, which is free to users and providers, allows Australian cyber security companies to showcase their products, services, business solutions and sector experience; connect with customers; and access information to support their company development and growth. Businesses, government, investors and individuals can understand more about cyber security and their cyber security needs; search for and directly connect with Australian cyber security companies; and learn about cyber security career pathways and education opportunities. Built with 100% Australian technology and protected with 100% Australian cyber security, AustCyber has developed the platform in partnership with Insurance Australia Group (IAG), the state and territory governments of the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia, and several Australian cyber security companies. Learn more about AUCyberscape by visiting www.aucyberscape.com.
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    The Internet of Things Alliance Australia is proud to invite you to the launch of Australia's first IoT Security Awareness Guides. Admission is free. https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/internet-of-things-security-awareness-guides-launch-tickets-141506225931
  5. As an outcome of the inaugural National Ministers Meeting of Digital Economy and Technology, the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources are seeking information to support the development of a National AI and Autonomous Systems Capability Map. The survey seeks information at an organisational level and part B of the survey will focus on unique world-leading case studies and project. If you're interested in participating, please click on the link: https://consult.industry.gov.au/digital-economy/mapping-australias-ai-capability/ Closes on 29 November 2020
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    Glad to hear Mohan.
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    The OSI model provides a layered model of how to implement a network. There is a sympathetic security compliance stack that should be fulfilled to ensure our people, processes and data stay safe. Revolving around the security policy of an organisation, the security intent needs to be translated into infrastructure that can actively secure the environment. The key to that policy is that infrastructure and personnel must almost transparently implement and enforce that policy as part of their day-to-day operations, for all places in the network. Ideally, through analytics and automation, the network should become adaptive and flexible, acting autonomously to evade intruders and malicious activity before they become an issue. This presentation will describe a layered approach to security: From the topdown, how do we develop useful policy that can be automated by technology? In the middle, how we implement a Zero Trust policy integrated across multiple domains? And; From the bottom up, how do we ensure the technology stack is a secure, trusted, automated platform for the implementation of that policy?
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    A changing landscape in 2020 delivered virtually
  9. Is Windows Security & Virus Checking up to scratch, or do I need other additional security packages such as Norton? On a home computer
  10. Is there opportunity for experienced personnel: there are a talent pool of experienced engineers retiring who could re-modelled to provide experienced practical consultant e.g cold eye review
  11. Is there any strategy to integrate businesses into the capability of cyber security and resilience across the community to build capability, noting the obvious difficulties between national security and commercial constraints
  12. If possible, please explain what is the biggest cyber breach in Australia?
  13. I would expect considerable engagement with Australian Signals Directorate (ASD). Are you competing for similar skills?
  14. How would you see cyber warfare rather than conventional war? What are we doing for this?
  15. How does an organisation recognise that something wrong and is being hacked?
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