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    The Internet of Things Alliance Australia is proud to invite you to the launch of Australia's first IoT Security Awareness Guides. Admission is free. https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/internet-of-things-security-awareness-guides-launch-tickets-141506225931
  2. As an outcome of the inaugural National Ministers Meeting of Digital Economy and Technology, the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources are seeking information to support the development of a National AI and Autonomous Systems Capability Map. The survey seeks information at an organisational level and part B of the survey will focus on unique world-leading case studies and project. If you're interested in participating, please click on the link: https://consult.industry.gov.au/digital-economy/mapping-australias-ai-capability/ Closes on 29 November 2020
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    Glad to hear Mohan.
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    The OSI model provides a layered model of how to implement a network. There is a sympathetic security compliance stack that should be fulfilled to ensure our people, processes and data stay safe. Revolving around the security policy of an organisation, the security intent needs to be translated into infrastructure that can actively secure the environment. The key to that policy is that infrastructure and personnel must almost transparently implement and enforce that policy as part of their day-to-day operations, for all places in the network. Ideally, through analytics and automation, the
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    A changing landscape in 2020 delivered virtually
  6. Is Windows Security & Virus Checking up to scratch, or do I need other additional security packages such as Norton? On a home computer
  7. Is there opportunity for experienced personnel: there are a talent pool of experienced engineers retiring who could re-modelled to provide experienced practical consultant e.g cold eye review
  8. Is there any strategy to integrate businesses into the capability of cyber security and resilience across the community to build capability, noting the obvious difficulties between national security and commercial constraints
  9. If possible, please explain what is the biggest cyber breach in Australia?
  10. I would expect considerable engagement with Australian Signals Directorate (ASD). Are you competing for similar skills?
  11. How would you see cyber warfare rather than conventional war? What are we doing for this?
  12. How does an organisation recognise that something wrong and is being hacked?
  13. How can we improve the resilience of Australian businesses and infrastructure to Cyber threats. For example, improving PKI, encryption, network security SIEM etc. Are there any plans to build an integrated active defence capability across enterprises
  14. What are your thoughts on having a cyber range exercise between Army red teams and Critical Infrastructure Blue teams? Definitely keen to discuss more details if you are!
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