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Registration Terms



The purpose of this on-line community forum is to provide a platform for comment, input and sharing of ideas including the development of best practice guidelines for the engineering community.

Rules for Participation

  1. This on-line community forum is owned, controlled and managed by the Institution of Engineers Australia, trading as Engineers Australia ABN 63 020 415 510.
  2. Individuals are invited to participate in the forum and will be assigned rights to view, submit or edit content according to criteria administered by Engineers Australia, including the appointment of forum managers and facilitators (“You”).
  3. You must not submit any posts which are offensive or likely to cause offence to any person. Any content which has the potential to offend, harass, bully, discriminate, abuse, threaten or defame another person will be promptly removed by Engineers Australia.
  4. The removal of posts for offensive content will be at the sole discretion of Engineers Australia.
  5. Attempts to use the forum for personal or organisational gain will not be tolerated and removal of posts will be at the sole discretion of Engineers Australia.
  6. Incomplete, incoherent or indecipherable posts may be deleted at the discretion of Engineers Australia.
  7. Engineers Australia reserves the right in its sole discretion to block any person from participation in the community forum if Engineers Australia has reason to believe that the person has breached any of these Terms and Conditions, or has engaged in any unlawful or other improper misconduct which, in the opinion of Engineers Australia, might jeopardise the fair and proper conduct of the on-line community forum.
  8. Unless expressly stated, posts by individuals will not be considered to be posts for or on behalf of Engineers Australia. The views expressed by individuals are not necessarily the views of Engineers Australia.
  9. Promotion of a particular product or service without any attempt to foster constructive and useful discussion will be deemed as advertising and will be removed.

Participant Warranties

By submitting a post to the on-line community forum, you warrant that:

  1. The content of your post is not intended to cause offence to any person;
  2. The content of your post does not violate or infringe the rights of another individual or organization;
  3. You agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions; and
  4. You indemnify Engineers Australia against any loss or damage resulting from any breach of these warranties.

Intellectual Property

By submitting a post to this on-line community forum, you:

  1. Agree that Engineers Australia may use the content for the purpose of developing engineering best practice materials for the benefit of engineers and in the advancement of the science and practice of engineering; and
  2. Agree that intellectual property rights (including copyright, whether present or future, throughout the world) in the content submitted to the forum will vest in Engineers Australia and may be used, dealt with, distributed and published by Engineers Australia in its absolute discretion.


  1. Engineers Australia will take all reasonable steps to ensure the integrity of the content of the forum and to exclude unwanted content to the fullest extent possible.
  2. Engineers Australia accepts no responsibility for any harm caused to any person as a result of participating in the community forum or reading any content posted on the forum.
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